Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th September
Left for Xining at about 9:30 in the morning. The 220 km road was quite the usual landscape now. Except from the last 70 km one could see trees on the hills. A sight one had not seen since about 15 days. The towns we were in had trees but they were planted by hand, trees in the wilderness were totally absent. I am now down to a height of 7217 ft. quite a relief actually!
Today crossed the Shanghai 2000 km mile stone. Tempted to go all the way to Shanghai!!
We entered Xining by some back roads but surely it is a big Chinese city with high rise buildings, flyovers, and big billboards. Even the way people dress is very different. Checked into a hotel, had lunch and had best of all had a bath after 3days!!
Mr. and Mrs. Mah say good bye to day and just for tomorrow, I have a new guide... after that I continue the rest of the journey on my own.
Walked around the neighbour hood till dinner time...

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