Wednesday, September 29, 2010

28th September
Found engine oil that is similar to the prescribed oil by Royal Enfield. Changed the oil and also decided to get the rear tyre and tube changed for safe measures. This delayed the departure to Heimahe but this pit-stop was most necessary.
The road was hilly in parts with snow capped mountains making their presence felt though they seemed at a distance. I looked in the rear view mirror and said to him … see how since the past few minutes how every oncoming vehicle never meets us on the curve but just before or after, never when there is an obstruction like some jay walker or that fallen tree or a pot hole, on our side but just before or after… usually one has to decelerate, brake or maneuver, but now everyone is just gliding along without ruffling anything… Like it was all perfectly timed?” “Precisely…it is about timimg” he said “Just imagine, if you had left 3 or four minutes before or after the time you left this morning, you would have met each vehicle at the wrong spot. Like when you go to work in the morning on your way to the office…” “Sorry” I interrupted “I don’t work I am an artist”, he continued like he didn’t hear me…” you keep getting caught at every signal, it is a cycle, and about the time you entered the cycle… if you keep fretting and driving at the same pace, you keep getting every successive signal…you have to either risk it and rush thorough to enter the cycle before it begins again, or you sit it out, have a tea and re insert yourself in the cycle midway… There is a master cycle where every rightly timed entry intersects… so it is not just your right entry but the right timed entry of every oncoming vehicle … there are only a few times when one enters this master cycle…that to by accident. But if you are in tune with the rhythm then you can time every entry accurately. So in the current moment you and some vehicles might have entered the cycle accidentally while the other vehicles or even the jay walking man why even  the fallen tree could be the ones riding the master cycle… traffic is just an allegory.
Now imagine more than one master-cycle… which also intersect so you could ride from one master cycle to another”.
It is never history but histories and time is not one but many cycles and history is  many intersecting  time cycles… that’s how I am here I was just taking a ride with you to transit from one cycle to another… this moment that you described as ‘perfectly timed’ is the intersection.
Suddenly, I had to brake as a tractor suddenly appeared on a narrow mud road wanting to get on the highway… I looked in the rear view mirrors to mumble expletives at the tractor I looked in the other and adjusted my helmet.
Eyes on the road - I cautioned to myself.
Haemahe is a small settlement along one km of the highway. About a kilometer to the right of the highway is the world’s highest salt lake- Qinghai Hu (10784 ft) 


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