Friday, October 8, 2010

8th October
With baited breath, started my journey to Yichang, hoping not to feel the quiver and shake from the side car. After every bump or bounce I would brace myself in anticipation. It did not happen today. But tomorrow is another day!
It was quite cold and incredibly foggy; vision beyond 20 feet at the most was impaired. There was whiteness all over… it was exactly like my ride last night only this was like a white night. I would try to seek a truck that would drive at a speed I could keep up with and latch on to it like a lamprey. This way I was not driving into darkness or milky-ness as today. I could focus on the back panel of the truck with its reflectors or red night lights. The fog lasted till 11:00 after which one could feel the feeble rays of the sun beginning to penetrate through that engulfing chalky opacity.
After a lunch break at a roadside eatery, reached Yichang comfortably by 14:00hrs. The city looks very industrial. The Yangtse lay to the left. I don’t know why but it seemed like a looming, lurking, woeful, creature…, with the fog or may be smog still hanging over it…the opposite bank was just a wash of pale bluish grey.
Have booked myself on a tour to The Three Gorges tomorrow morning at 7:50.

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