Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5th October
Checked out of the hotel and as I was packing the luggage in the side car noticed that the sidecar wheel was again worn out, as I sat down to inspect, realized that 4 spokes were broken again. This was most annoying. The spokes seem to be breaking every day… the load in the side car since I left Bombay has not changed at all except for a 10 litre Jerry can of petrol. I have been through the roughest of roads with this load, now in fact the roads are really good. The only reason I can think of is that the rough roads have done the suspension in and hence the wheel is taking the load badly. The same reason must be true for the tyre wearing out so soon. After much looking found a mechanic and the right size spokes. Three attendants from the hotel were with me doing all the talking and asking. They were really nice kids… they waited till the whole job was done playing assistants to the mechanic.
Got a new tyre and fixed the spokes.. It is now 13:45. Too late to leave.
Thought I should just take a break without stressing out and leave in the morning tomorrow.

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