Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th October
Forgot to mention yesterday… the back tyre has gone bald! Need to change it- had thought will change it in Wuhan (where I am today), but can’t get the tyre of the right specification here. Tomorrow’s ride is 400 km (according to Google maps its going to take me nine hours) - praying the tyre lasts. Hoping will get the required tyre there. 
Bad weather, rain rain rain all the way. Shoes and clothes and some other stuff from the back pack (now tied on the back seat and hence exposed to rain) soaking…wet have spread it all over the room …no chance it will dry. Luckily there is a hair dryer in the bath room, using that time to time on the shoes!!
Really thankful to Sharmila for regularly uploading the blog in the midst of putting up her show in the U.K and from The Netherlands, where was, for delivering a talk.

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